Aviation Consultancy:

ASI Consulting has a thorough understanding and the experience in the full array of business challenges facing the aviation sector. Management has been serving the airline industry for over 40 years. ASI has unmatched practical experience which we bring forth to provide the best solutions to our clients.

With our in depth knowledge of the aviation industry, ASI Consulting can assist clients in maximizing the value of their operating aircraft, realize growth potential, and gain competitive advantages.​​​​

On-site maintenance and operational support personnel:

ASI can provide experienced aircraft mechanics, ground support, spare parts and recordkeeping personnel fully trained in support of client operating aircraft.
ASI management has experience in supporting the following aircraft:

Aircraft Spare Parts:

ASI Aviation also offers new and/or refurbished spare parts and component supply management, procurement and distribution services for any type of commercial aircraft world wide. ASI has already established a global strategic partnership with an aerospace company in the US who is a unique provider of aftermarket parts sales, supply-chain management services and related value-added services for the aviation industry. With this partnership, ASI can deliver all types of aircraft spare parts including engines, engine components, wheels, brakes, landing gears, APUs, CPUs and any other critical parts related to AOG ( Aircraft On Ground) condition.

Arrange for Aircraft Charter and Ferry Services:

ASI management has been active in aviation (transport & corporate aircraft) since 1980 and specializing in the charter / ferry / aircraft delivery of jet and turbine aircraft. ASI has been a completely incident and accident free operation. ASI Aviation prides itself on using only high-time, highly experienced pilots with type ratings, ongoing re-currency and safety training. All of our pilots are ATP’s with years of charter and corporate experience on many different types of aircraft in worldwide operations.